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Writer, Learner, JavaScript Developer, working on


  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of React
  • Node & NPM installed on the local development machine.
  • Any code editor of your choice.

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  • Get Video Games from adjacent towns (somewhere far).
  • Get Chocolate from a nearby store.

And is it really so dangerous?

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Object literals are only the beginning

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  1. Object Literals
  2. New Keyword
  3. Class

Object Literals

Shorthand property names

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Using sets to deal with unique elements in a dataset

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“Writing in ECMAScript language without understanding closure is like writing Java without understanding classes” — Douglas Crockford, father of JSON

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Defining one of the key components in programming

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  1. Function Declaration
  2. Function Expression
  3. Generator Function

1. Function Declaration

Syntax for Function Declarations

Ashutosh K Singh

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